How can I change camera setting while acquiring video?

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I would like to change my camera's shutter speed while acquiring video using Image Acquisition toolbox.
To be specific I would like to use three different values for my shutter where every third frame captured has the same value for the shutter speed. How can this be accomplished?
Thank you in advance Erik

Accepted Answer

Erik S.
Erik S. on 20 Feb 2015
I found a solution to the problem for my Fire-i camera.
vid = videoinput('fireiimaq',1,'1024X768 Y_MONO 30 FPS'); src = getselectedsource(vid); set(vid,'TriggerRepeat',10);
start(vid) pause(0.05) S = [800,1000,1250]; i = 1; while (vid.FramesAvailable >0) frame(:,:,:,i) = getdata(vid,1); % imshow(frame(:,:,:,i)) % drawnow src.Shutter_Value = S(i); i = i+1; if i>3 i=1; end end stop(vid)

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