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I need to model a single phase grid-connected solar PV (11 Kw) system with bidirectional battery storage system.

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I can design either solar+battery, or battery+grid. i need to learn whole simulation in one project. Anyone can help me.

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Sayan on 20 Sep 2023
I understand from your query that it is required to design a single phase grid integrating PV and battery with bidirectional power flowing capability. This can be done in Simulink. The below-mentioned steps can be followed.
  • You can use the PV Array block (available at Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sources) to simulate the PV cells in Simulink. The parameters of the block can be changed to the desired value to meet the power rating.
  • To maximize the power generated from PV, a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) method like P&O (Perturb and Observe) can be implemented.
  • Use the Battery block (available at Simscape / Electrical / Specialized Power Systems / Sources) to simulate the battery part in your model. Change various parameters like "Nominal voltage (V)","Rated capacity (Ah)","Initial state-of-charge(%)" etc to meet the desired characteristics of the battery model.
  • To integrate the battery, you can implement a bidirectional converter or use the block Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (available at Simscape / Electrical / Semiconductors & Converters / Converters) in cascade with the battery to feed or absorb power to the load.
  • Build a logic involving the "SOC" of the battery to decide whether to charge or discharge it.
  • Provide PWM pulses to the switches of the converter according to the desired logic.
Further information on PV Array block, Battery block and MPPT techniques can be obtained in the following MATLAB documentation.
  1. PV Array block:
  2. Battery block:
  3. MPPT technique:
Hope this helps in answering the query.

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