While loop homework problem

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Abdullah Tamimi
Abdullah Tamimi on 11 Oct 2011
For any number between -1 and 1, your program calculates and outputs the arccosine and arcsine of the number in both degrees and radians. (Example: if you enter 0, arccosine is either 90 degrees or π/2 radians, and 270 degrees or 3π/2 radians.) For your convenience, your answers can be between 0 and 180 degrees (π).
This is what I've been doing. I know its wrong...The thing is it has to be like beginner MATLAB level language. i=-1;
while i<=1
end n=-1
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William on 11 Oct 2011
Bye the way it is bad to use "i" as variables in Matlab because it thinks "i" or "j" as the square root of -1 (Imaginary number)

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Accepted Answer

Harry MacDowel
Harry MacDowel on 11 Oct 2011
I felt a bit bored so I do the coding for you. Also I might have use for this in near future. Just run arcCosSin in command window.
Next time try a bit harder to do the homework yourself. You could get a lot of Matlab programming tips through Google.
function [] = arcCosSin()
% Written by GLO on 11.Oct.2011
inputnum = input('Please Enter a number between -1 and 1 for the arcCos and arcSin: ');
if (inputnum<-1 || inputnum>1)
fprintf('\nThis program only gives the answer for input between -1 and 1\n');
sinDeg = asind(inputnum);
sinRad = asin(inputnum);
cosDeg = acosd(inputnum);
cosRad = acos(inputnum);
fprintf('ArcSin in Degree is: %0.2f\n',sinDeg);
fprintf('ArcSin in Radian is: %0.5f\n',sinRad);
fprintf('ArcCos in Degree is: %0.2f\n',cosDeg);
fprintf('ArcCos in Radian is: %0.5f\n',cosRad);
Abdullah Tamimi
Abdullah Tamimi on 11 Oct 2011
wait i have to tell it to do all those cos and sin functions. what do i put heeeeeeelppppppp

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William on 11 Oct 2011
for ii = -1:0.001:1
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Abdullah Tamimi
Abdullah Tamimi on 11 Oct 2011
but it sort of doesnt correctly answer the question, it asks for you to enter a number to get an answer, not to get a list of all answers

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