Why function sym and syms dont work in R2012b?

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syms x y
Undefined function 'syms' for input arguments of type 'char'.
help syms
syms not found.

Accepted Answer

Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 23 Feb 2015
Edited: Mischa Kim on 23 Feb 2015
Nikola, you probably don't have the Symbolic Math Toolbox installed/licensed. To check use
to list all installed toolboxes. In addition, try
to see if a license exists for the toolbox. The command returns a 1 if it exists, a 0 if it does not.

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Nikola on 23 Feb 2015
Symbolic mathlab toolbox isnt on "ver" list, but when i write license('test','symbolic_toolbox') matlab giver ans = 1... This mean that I have licence for symbolic toolbox but it isnt installed? Wher can I find installation? I tryed to google it but mathworks.com cant open dl page...

Nikola on 25 Feb 2015
I installed new mathlab with all toolboxes, cause i couldn't find symbolic math toolbox... It took 2 hours... Do you know where can I find specific toolbox when needed? Best regards


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