How to programmatically get a list of all app properties in AppDesigner

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I'm writing a large app in appDesigner, and I want to create a list / text area that would display all of the app property fields. I can't find a way to programatically pull their names, does anyone know a way of doing this?
P.S. I'm on 2022b.

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Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh
Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh on 15 Sep 2022
you can get all public properties with :
P = properties(app);
for all private and public properties you can use meta class properties function:
mc = ?appname
use the application name for appname (the name you saved .mlapp file, or name that appears after classdef at first line).
after that call for property list:
P = mc.PropertyList;
it give you a property array with the size of number of properties. and for eachone their information. for example run :
( i think the first index always is UIFigure)
a simple example for listing the names:
for i=1:numel(P)
Name{i} = P(i).Name;
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Vitek Stepien
Vitek Stepien on 16 Sep 2022
Thank you, the second method works great! I only neede the private properties, I was able to get the public ones on my own but not the private ones. I used the following to get and list in a ListBox only private, following your code suggestion:
mc = ?MyApp;
P = mc.PropertyList;
ii = 1;
for n = 1:numel(P)
if strcmp(P(n).GetAccess,'private')
Items{ii} = P(n).Name;
ii = ii+1;
app.ListofpropertiesListBox.Items = Items;

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