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How to print index number when ploting figures from functions

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Hello everyone!
I have written the next piece of code that calls a funtions and saves the 4 figures that are created from that function for every image in a folder but the images are overwritten because i cant index the images inside the function.
This is my code :
folder = 'C:\Users\lena\Desktop';
outLoopValues = [1,2];
for k = 1 : length(outLoopValues)
index = outLoopValues(k);
thisBaseFileName = sprintf('%d.png', index);
thisFileName = fullfile(folder, thisBaseFileName);
images{index} = imread(sprintf('%d.png', index));
[f1, f2, f3, f4] = an_function(images{index})
So an_function takes my images as inputs and makes the 4 figures as outpouts but i dont know how to change the name inside each one of the figures in the function so that it is saved lets say with f1image_index1 for the first index and f1image_index2 for the second index
Jan on 18 Sep 2022
Just a note: You create the file name with the folder as thisFileName, wo why don't you use it?
What about providing k or index as further input to the function an_function? Or you can set the names of the figures afterwards:
set(f1, 'Name', sprintf('f%dimage_%d', k, index), 'NumberTitle', 'off'))
... and so on
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 19 Sep 2022
To add to @Jan's advice, if you want to avoid overwriting the files if you run the function again on the same set of data, you could add a datetime stamp to the filenames.
timenow = datetime('now','format','yyMMddHHmmss');
sprintf('f%dimage_%d_%s', k, index, timenow)

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