Can I use "To File" block inside Matlab Function in the form of a command?

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Can I use a command for To File inside Matlab Function instead of using To File block to send data of variables in Matlab Workspace from Simulink?
Please note that the robot I am controlling from Simulink has its own library blocks and I can only send data from this Simuilink model to Matlab Workspace using To File block. To Workspace block is not supported and neither I can save the workspace from the Figure.
Since I have a lot of variables inside a Matlab Function and I already have a lot of blocks, I dont want to flood my model with alot more. Would appreciate help in this regard.
Thank you.
Best Regards

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Geetla Sindhu
Geetla Sindhu on 4 Oct 2022
Hello Ehtisham,
I understand that you are using a MATLAB function and wanted to save the data to a .mat file but without using the “To File” block.
A possible workaround to avoid using the 'To File' block could be:
  • To log the signal that you want to save by right clicking on the signal >> Properties >> Log signal data.
  • Then use a 'save' command in the StopFcn Model Callback in the Model Properties of the Modeling Tab to store the data to a MAT file.
Please refer to the documentation given below for further information:




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