Is it possible to look at the history of edits in a .mlx file?

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I was taking an exam last week for my introduction to MATLAB class. I received a low grade and checked my submission. I submitted a version of the .mlx file that was incomplete. I don't know how I did this, but after showing the professor my actual completed exam, he of course told me there was no way to prove that I actually completed the exam after the fact, so my grade stands. Is it possible to see the editing history of a .mlx file so that I can prove I did the exam in the time given?
Roger on 22 Sep 2022
That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for answering though.

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Daksh on 28 Sep 2022
It is my understanding that you wish to access previous versions of Live scripts, i.e. mlx files saved at certain point in time. While .m files in MATLAB Drive support versioning history, .mlx files currently do not. It may be possible to recover previous versions of an .mlx file by looking in the "Deleted Files" section of MATLAB Drive Online. With every save of an .mlx file, the previous version is deleted, so one can find it in the "Deleted Files" section.
A workaround for now that you can utilize in the future is using source control system like "git". Please refer to the following documentation regarding Source Control Integration with MATLAB:
Hope it helps


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