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how to plot 3d colored column of data

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yasmeen hadadd
yasmeen hadadd on 25 Sep 2022
Edited: Jaswanth on 12 Apr 2024
if i have the following code :
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how to plot clored map as x variable in x-axis, y variable in y-axis , z variable in z-axis

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 12 Apr 2024
Edited: Jaswanth on 12 Apr 2024
Hi Yasmeen,
To plot a 3D-colored column of data in MATLAB where ‘x ’ is on the x-axis, ‘y’ is on the y-axis, and ‘z’ is on the z-axis, you can use the ‘scatter3’ function. This allows you to create a three-dimensional scatter plot, and you can specify the color of each point to reflect the 'z' value.
Also, the ‘colorbar’ function can be used to add a color bar to the side of the plot to indicate the scale of the 'z' values, and the ‘colormap’ function to customize the color scheme of the plot.
For more information on the functions mentioned above, please refer to the following MathWorks documentations:
  1. 'scatter3':
  2. 'colorbar':
  3. 'colormap':
I hope that the information provided above is helpful in accomplishing your task.




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