Issue with signal processing onramp course connection

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I get the following screen after submitting Task2 in 'Align Signal' section of the 'Signal Processing Onramp' self paced course. I tried many times to resubmit, reopen internet browser, restart the PC. Also, my internet connection is fully working as I can browse in any other internet website.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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ismail bera altan
ismail bera altan on 26 Sep 2022
I have the same exact problem at %44 task 2 while using stem function.

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Daniel on 28 Sep 2022
I was stuck with the same issue. I swapped from my less powerful laptop to my personal pc which is significanly better and I managed to get it to comeplete without crashing. If you can do this, it would be a fix.

Bala Tripura Bodapati
Bala Tripura Bodapati on 29 Sep 2022
Hi Roberto
It is my understanding that a 'Timeout error' is encountered wile you are submitting Task2 in 'Align Signal' section of the 'Signal Processing Onramp' self paced course.
In order to resolve the issue, try the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Refresh browser cache. For instructions for refreshing browser cache for different Web Browsers, please refer to the following MATLAB Answers post: Refresh browser cache
  2. Update the browser. Check that your system settings meet the browser requirements of the self-paced training. For the browser requirements for online courses, please refer to the Browser Requirements page: Browser Requirements
  3. Avoid large output and write efficient code. Note that the assessment times out after a certain amount of time. If an approach takes more time than the assessment time, then an error would be generated. In this particular case, as a workaround, try the following lines of code which will increase the speed of the “stem” command:
lags = downsample(lags,10);
c = downsample(c,10);

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