Error with parsim() while changing variables

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Hi Everyone,
I'm having the following problem with parsim(). I'm trying to run a Monte Carlo simulation of a Simulink model where I want to assign a different seed value to band-limited white noise (BLWN) block in each run. I defined all the parameters of this block as variables in Workspace, which are transferred as variables for the Simulink model workspace.
It appears my code successfully changes the values of the BLWN seed for each simulation, but unfortunately, I have errors, and the simulations are not run. I have attached the Matlab script and Simulink model to this message. Please help!
Thanks, Gaston

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Bala Tripura Bodapati
Bala Tripura Bodapati on 29 Sep 2022
Hi Gaston Fermandois
It is my understanding that the following errors are encountered while running Monte Carlo Simulation of a Simulink model using the 'parsim()' function:
  • Variable 'BlwnSampling' does not exist.
  • Variable 'BlwnPower' does not exist.
The above issues are encountered because of the invisibility of the variables used in the model and defined in the base workspace to the parallel workers. In order to resolve this issue, the 'TransferBaseWorkspaceVariables' property must be set to 'on' while calling the 'parsim()' function.
The following code illustrates how to set the 'TranferBaseWorkspaceVariables' property:
out = parsim(in,'ShowSimulationManager', 'on','TransferBaseWorkspaceVariables','on');
Please refer the parsim documentation for more information.
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Gaston Fermandois Cornejo
Thanks, Bala. This solution worked as a charm! Very much appreciated.
Best, Gaston.

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