How to use trained neural network in different language

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Hello everybody,
i wanted to ask how to use my trained neural network in matlab in a different language like c++. It should be possible by using the weights and bias to implement my neural network in a different framework by using matrix multiplication. Is there literature that could help me ?
KSSV on 12 Oct 2022
You can save the trained network into a m file to deploy for your purposes. In there, you will get the flow on how to use it via matrix multiplication.
bah on 12 Oct 2022
Thanks for the quick reply. So basically using matrix multiplication in c++ i should be able to deploy and use my trained NN once i understand the flow ? All i need is the weights and the flow right ?

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Accepted Answer

Mandar on 17 Oct 2022
I understand that you want make use of neural networks trained in MATLAB to other plaforms such as C++.
As a workaround, please refer to the link below.

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