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Generate 3D model For shapes

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Haytham Ali
Haytham Ali on 17 Oct 2022
Answered: Jaswanth on 9 Feb 2024
How to create 3D shape of square or triangle by using matlab

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 9 Feb 2024
Creating 3D shapes in MATLAB can be done using various functions depending on the type of 3D visualization you want. For a 3D square (which is actually a cube) or a 3D triangle (which could be interpreted as a tetrahedron or a triangular prism), you can use the patch’or ‘surf’ functions to draw the faces of these shapes.
For more information on functions mentioned above, kindly refer to the following MathWorks documentations:
  1. patch’:
  2. ‘surf’:
Additionally, following example code to create Tetrahedron (3D Triangle) could be helpful.
% Define the vertices of the tetrahedron
vertices = [0 0 0; 1 0 0; 0.5 sqrt(3)/2 0; 0.5 sqrt(3)/6 sqrt(6)/3];
% Define the faces of the tetrahedron
faces = [1 2 3; % Base
1 2 4; % Side
2 3 4; % Side
3 1 4]; % Side
% Create the 3D patch
patch('Vertices', vertices, 'Faces', faces, ...
'FaceColor', 'r'); % You can specify different colors
% Set the aspect ratio and the viewing angle
axis equal;
grid on;
title('3D Tetrahedron');
I hope information provided above is helpful.


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