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Stefan on 14 Oct 2011
I use the inputdlg and questdlg for user feedback. My problem is that the dialogs do not close when a button is pressed.
My current solution is to do a pause(1), this will update the dialog and close it. I would like a solution, that does not last a second...
Another problem is that button with focus is not activated by pressing enter. Any thoughts on this?
I use MatLab (R2010b) on Vista Home premium 32

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 14 Oct 2011
I had the same problem. My experience is that the dialog won't close if there is intense calculation/operation right after the user feedback.
You can try to use drawnow() to replace pause(). I found it didn't work as well as pause(). In my situation, pause(0.2) is sufficient enough.
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Stefan on 14 Oct 2011
thanks for your response. I will try shorter pauses.

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Jim on 20 Sep 2012
I also ran into this. pause(.1) worked for me.

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