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App Designer - Plotting from Arrays

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SteveM on 19 Oct 2022
Commented: SteveM on 19 Oct 2022
I would just like to plot the values from 2 colums of an array:
x = app.Attitude_input{:, 1};
y = app.Attitude_input{:, 2};
plot(app.UIAxes, x, y);
But I always get this error:
Error in Plotting_APP/PlotButtonPushed (line 178)
x = app.Attitude_input{:, 1};
Surely this should be simple...but I can't find any solution. Any ideas?

Answers (1)

Allen on 19 Oct 2022
If the data type of your x and y variables is a double-array, then you are using the wrong syntax to access the data. Use parenthesis, (), in lieu of curly brackets, {}. Curly brackets would be applicable if the x and y variables contain table data.
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SteveM on 19 Oct 2022
Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried this first (yes the data is stored as doubles").
Same result... error.

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