Can I run MATLAB on MacOS Ventura?

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법수 김
법수 김 on 20 Oct 2022
Commented: Stanislaw on 10 May 2023
Hi. I'm the user of Mac Studio and planning update my Mac's OS as Ventura.
If I update my MacOS from Monterey to Ventura, can I use MATLAB R2022b?
Thank you
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Stanislaw on 10 May 2023
Hello, I already bought Macbook Air M2 and I can't install Matlab on it. In half of instalation process i have a message "there was an error downloading product files. Check your internet connection and then rerun the Installer" Could you help me? I need Matlab for mu studues

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Accepted Answer

Ankit on 25 Oct 2022
Yes. The MATLAB System Requirements page mentions macOS Ventura (13) as supported for MATLAB R2022b.

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ANTONINO ABBADI on 24 Oct 2022
Edited: ANTONINO ABBADI on 24 Oct 2022
yes, I use MATLAB 2022b on a Macbook Pro M1Pro chip from 3 weeks no bug so far

Laurent Binet
Laurent Binet on 14 Jan 2023
I run Matlab on a PowerBook with M1 chip. I recently updated to MacOS Ventura 13.1 and since bugs with Matlab have shown up (files which does not save, menus which do not scroll down, scripts which do not run, unable to quit Matlab properly,...)


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