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How do I restore default display, with editor and command line?

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I hit a wrong button or something, and my Editor popped out in to a separate window. Now when start MATLAB, the screen is no longer split with the Editor above and Command Line below, there's just the Command Line area, and opening a file makes a separate editor window open. How do put it back the way it was? The documentation was not helpful.

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 26 Oct 2022
has the answer but there is a little arrow in the upper right corner and you can select "dock editor" if not the windows shortcut of ctr+shift+D will dock the editor
Jerry Guern
Jerry Guern on 26 Oct 2022
Thanks, Joseph. And just to clarify for people reading, because MATLAB was opening without an Editor open, I had to: 1) 'open filename' from the command line, which opened a docked Editor window that hid my command line, 2) Use the down-pointing triangle in the upper right of the Editor window to Undock the Editor, which moved the Editor window aside and revealed my command line again, 3) Use the triangle again to Dock the Editor, which got me back to the view I wanted.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Oct 2022
You can also control the layout of the Desktop using the Layout button in the Environment section of the Home tab on the toolstrip. This lets you restore to the default arrangement, choose one of a few other presets provided by MathWorks, or even save your favorite layouts as a new preset for future use.

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