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Who do I fix EtherCAT Init Block DC Error 27: DC controller not ready?

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Hey, I'm trying to control a Beckhoff EL7201-0010 Servo Motor Terminal with a Speedgoat baseline over Simulink Realtime.
To initialize the Speedgoat as the EtherCAT Master I'm using the EtherCAT Init Block with the corresponding ENI File.
The compilation works, but I'm getting a 27 back from the DCErrVal Output of the Init Block, witch means (according to the documentation) that the distributed clock (DC) controller is not ready.
How do I fix this issue?

Answers (1)

Anshuman on 16 Jan 2024
The error code 27 indicating that the distributed clock (DC) controller is not ready can be caused by various issues related to synchronization, configuration, or communication.
  • Ensure that the EtherCAT Network Information (ENI) file is correctly configured for the Beckhoff EL7201-0010 servo motor terminal. The ENI file should match the actual configuration of your EtherCAT network, including all slave devices and their settings.
  • Make sure that the firmware of the Beckhoff EL7201-0010 servo motor terminal and any other EtherCAT devices in the network is up to date.
  • Ensure that the Beckhoff EL7201-0010 servo motor terminal is correctly set up to operate with distributed clocks. This may involve using the Beckhoff TwinCAT software to configure the device settings and then exporting the updated ENI file.
  • Review the synchronization settings in the ENI file and the Speedgoat configuration. The settings for the distributed clocks must be correct for the devices in the network. This includes the DC cycle time and the assignment of the DC master device.




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