how can zip an audio file 3x in matlab?

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sedanur yildirim
sedanur yildirim on 2 Nov 2022
Answered: Daksh on 8 Nov 2022
how can I zip an audio file 3x in matlab?
Could you help me please?
Thanks your advice.

Answers (1)

Daksh on 8 Nov 2022
Hi, it is my understanding that you intend to zip a 3x audio file in MATLAB. I assume that you have already procured the 3x audio file of use.
To zip the audio file (audio.mp3) in the current directory to a folder in the current directory (zipfolder), use the following command:
You need to specify the audio format of the file at the end; here it is .mp3, it could also be .wav.
Refer to these MATLAB links if you face issues with audio preprocessing, or zipping files:
Hope it helps


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