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Solar Wind Battery Hybrid Integration

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I have created solar system by connecting PV array to boost converter working at MPPT by using P&O MPPT technique. Furthermore i have created wind system by connecting Wind turbine with PMSG which is connected with uncontrolled rectifier and boost converter and I have applied P&O on that boost converter. Both are seperatelly working on MPPT . Now I want to integrate both the system to a common bus from which i will suppy it to grid. Now when I am trying to integrate both either solar or wind is not working properly. For low loads the wind system is not working at mppt and for high loads the solar is not working on MPPT.
Ayah on 21 Nov 2023
Hey Samrat, if you solved the problem can you show me the simulink file or send it to my email: Thank you so much
Anirudh Kumar
Anirudh Kumar on 13 Jan 2024
Hey Samrat, if you solved the problem can you share me the simulink file through mail- my email: Thank you so much

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Answers (1)

Sayan on 18 Sep 2023
I understand from the issue that you are trying to integrate solar energy, wind energy, and battery to create a smart grid to feed power to the load. However, MPPT is not obtained in solar and wind energy systems simultaneously for different loads. The possible reasons for the issue are mentioned below.
  • The power fed from solar and wind energy subsystems, i.e., "Subsystem" and "Subsystem1" are not in coordination, which means there is no communication between the subsystems.
  • The battery feeds the load as a standalone source without any converter.
The possible fixes that can be adopted to achieve the desired result are mentioned below.
Fixes in solar and wind energy systems
  • While implementing the MPPT algorithm for the solar energy system, try to include the parameter of power generated from the wind energy system to provide gate pulse to the switch of the converter and vice versa.
  • Build a logic to generate the right amount of power from each of the energy systems so that they operate at or near MPP. As mentioned in the question, let the wind power feed the load at high loading conditions and the solar power at low loading conditions.
  • If it is required to create an AC grid, you can implement an inverter for each energy system to feed power to the load and control it by changing the PWM pulses provided to the gate of the switches of the inverter. You can implement an inverter by using four controlled switch blocks like Mosfet (available at Simscape/Electrical/Specialized Power Systems/Power Electronics).
  • Try changing the physical conditions of the wind and solar energy systems to find the optimum conditions for integration.
Fixes in battery integration
  • To integrate batteries, you can implement a bidirectional converter or use the block Bidirectional DC-DC Converter (available at Simscape / Electrical / Semiconductors & Converters / Converters) in cascade with the battery to feed or absorb power to the load.
  • Build a logic involving the "SOC" of the battery to decide whether to charge or discharge it.
  • One recommendation is that whatever logic you build, first try to validate it by implementing it in a "Stateflow" Chart (available at Stateflow/Chart)
Further information on the MPPT Algorithm , Bidirectional DC-DC Converter, Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Systems and "Stateflow" can be found in the following MATLAB documentation:
  1. MPPT Algorithm :
  2. Bidirectional DC-DC Converter:
  3. Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Systems:
  4. "Stateflow":
Hope this helps in resolving the issue.




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