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How do I run Mathlab on AWS?

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George Carlisle
George Carlisle on 21 Mar 2015
Commented: J. Womack on 3 Jul 2015
I'm training to get started with this. I've had an account with Amazon for a long time and this is the perfect reason to use it(GPUS).
This download is only 12.7kb.
Question 1: Can someone confirm if this is right? I'm just wondering if something might be missing.
Question 2: Also, what is the Matlab Distributed server? Is it cheaper than AWS or Azure and does it have access to GPUs? Or is this customer stood up? I'm guess what I'm asking for is a comparison of the three services.
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J. Womack
J. Womack on 3 Jul 2015
That download size isn't right; to load on AWS you need to set up an instance and install it.
Matlab distributed server is a service Matlab offers that basically allows you to run cloud-based distributed computing. It's $30k a year. It's relative cost depends on the load, and your team's computing expertise. It's harder than it should be to set up parallel computing on a hosted cloud, so the DC Server is designed to make that very easy.

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George Carlisle
George Carlisle on 21 Mar 2015
Also, I'd like an explanation of this:
All of these tools use matlab, right so why can't they be pushed to mathlab to the compiler or dcs?


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