how to display connection?

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ker fang fang
ker fang fang on 22 Mar 2015
Commented: ker fang fang on 22 Mar 2015
hi, i have a situation like this. x1=10, x2=15,x3=30. i need to check whether x1 is connected to x2 and whether x1 is connected to x3. if the distance between them is less than 10, then they are connected. i need a feedback like 'x1 and x2 are connected', or x1 and x3 are not connected. assuming i have a lot of points to check, how should i do it?

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 22 Mar 2015
I can give you a few ideas. If the x values were all elements of a single vector, you could use for-loops to make comparisons between each pair of values in the vector. There is also a way of using 'bsxfun' to make the same comparisons in a vectorized manner. However, finally, if the elements in this vector were placed in ascending order it would not really be necessary to compare every possible pair. With fewer comparisons you could deduce all the rest. Does this succeed in giving you ideas?
ker fang fang
ker fang fang on 22 Mar 2015
if using for loop, how can i do it?

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