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Bruno on 8 Nov 2022
Commented: Bruno on 9 Nov 2022
Is it possible to suppress the display of messages like Parallel pool using the 'local' profile is shutting down.?
I'm doing the following: evalc('pool = gcp()') and evalc('delete(pool)'). The first command successfully suppresses pool creation messages, but the second doesn't do it when running as a standalone application (.exe). It does work (i.e., no message is shown) when running in MATLAB.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 8 Nov 2022
If you're not already, add a semicolon to suppress the evalc calls.
evalc('pool = gcp();');
Above reason aside, I'm currious why you're wrapping calls into evalc.
Bruno on 9 Nov 2022
Interestingly, that Parallel pool using... message only appears on the Command Prompt when I run the executable, but does not appear in the log file that gets created (I checked that option in the Application Compiler). So I think I'm OK now, since the log file is persistent, whereas the Command Prompt closes after the execution of the program. But I still find it weird that the parallel toolbox message is displayed in the Command Prompt.

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