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Plot outputs for eqn for varying inputs

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Luke Mills
Luke Mills on 10 Nov 2022
Answered: Jaswanth on 9 Feb 2024
I would like to plot the outputs of an equation, when varying one of the inputs.
NP = 5: 1: 15
A lot of code to calculate other variables, some including the NP conditions, relating to my final equation of...
GRR_SF = ...
I would then like to plot NP against GRR_SF, thus for the conditions of NP = 5, 6, 7 ...15.
I have my results for GRR_SF in the form below, computed by MATLAB:
Columns 1 through 9
10.8105 12.5702 14.1122 15.5015 16.7762 17.9607 19.0717 20.1214 21.1191
Columns 10 through 15
22.0717 22.9849 23.8631 24.7101 25.5291 26.3226
However, when plotting
xlabel('Number of Parts')
title('CI with varying # Operators')
plot(NP, GRR_SF)
the graph comes up without any data points, incorrect x & y spacings, no titles on axis or graph.

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 9 Feb 2024
Hi Luke,
From the information you have given, it appears that the primary issue causing the problems you have mentioned is the mismatch in the number of elements between the 'GRR_SF' array and the 'NP' array. If the element counts are unequal, MATLAB will not display the data accurately, which might lead to the incorrect spacing of the x and y axes.
According to the MathWorks documentation for the 'plot' function, "To display a series of points connected by lines, you should ensure that X and Y are vectors of the same length."
To visualize the graph with both data points and connecting lines, you can specify a 'marker' along with a 'line style'in the 'plot' function. Kindly go through the example code below.
% The 'o-' option will create a plot with both data points and connecting lines
plot(NP, GRR_SF, 'o-');
Additionally, I am able to see the axis labels and the title correctly when plotting in MATLAB R2022a.
Kindly refer to following link of MathWorks documentation on ‘plot’ function for more information:
I hope that the details provided will aid in troubleshooting the issues.


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