How can I write ANOVA results to a csv file?

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I want to write results from an ANOVA to a csv file, but writetable() gives me this error.
Unrecognized field name "internal.stats.DoubleTableColumnReal".
I am using the example from the ranova() documentation
load fisheriris
t = table(species,meas(:,1),meas(:,2),meas(:,3),meas(:,4),...
Meas = table([1 2 3 4]','VariableNames',{'Measurements'});
rm = fitrm(t,'meas1-meas4~species','WithinDesign',Meas);
ranovatbl = ranova(rm)

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cr on 21 Nov 2022
Edited: cr on 21 Nov 2022
Don't understand whats causing the problem, but the below line works
Really strange. Looking forward to an explanation from experts/staff if this is a bug.
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Dustin on 21 Nov 2022
Thanks, yeah this works, weird that it's required though.

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