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Which Matlab product service install for electrical engineering students?

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Hi all, hope you are doing well.
Recently I downloded installer of MATLAB and I came to know that there are tons of Mathsworks products.
I am a tteaching faculty in Electrical Engineering. I had installed MATLAB for designing and simulation of Electrical Engineering works and I want to know which products I need to download in my computer for doing my work. Please let me know.
Thank you. Have a great day ahead.
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@Brushan, if Matlab software is installed properly. All you need is Simulink library for various Electrical and electronics Engineering simulation. And also many applications for running specifics tasks is available in Matlab. All you need for now is to go through Youtub to watch few video and you are good to go.
Wish you best of luck ahead.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Nov 2022
For Electrical Engineering work, Simulink especially with Simscape Electrical are often used.
Filtering signals is quite common so Signal Processing toolbox is common, and Filter Design Toolbox might be called for in some cases.
But it is not uncommon for Electrical Engineering to also work with communications technology; RF Toolbox, RF Blockset are often considered to be the domain of Electrical Engineering; but there is overlap with Audio Toolbox, Communications Systems Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox... and potentially with Antenna Toolbox, Phased Array System Toolbox, Radar Toolbox. And with various HDL-related toolboxes
Topics related to power optimization can involve the Optimization Toolbox, or the Global Optimization Toolbox.
You tagged with electric motor and electric vehicle topics, which could potentially get into Automated Driving Toolbox, LIDAR Toolbox, Simscape Driveline, Robust Control Toolbox, Sensor Fusion Toolbox, Simscape Multibody


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