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How can I make each iteration of a for each block create a unique random number?

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I want to create a random number for all iterations of my For Each Block at each time step. I've tried by simply adding a random number in my For Each Subsystem but I get the same random number outputted for each iteration. See a test model of this below.
How can I achieve generating unique random numbers for each iteration?
One method I know exists would be to have it outside the for each loop but that is undesirable because:
  1. My model is several subsystems beneath the top level of the for each loop so it would be undesirable.
  2. I would like to create this into a library block so I don't want it to be dependent on signals at the top level.

Accepted Answer

cr on 28 Nov 2022
You will have to generate a vector of random numbers outside and pass it as an input. Default partitioning of this vector might not happen the way you need it.
Eugene Ofori
Eugene Ofori on 28 Nov 2022
That was a solution I was hoping to avoid. I wanted to do it internal to the for each block though.
cr on 28 Nov 2022
Not sure if that is possible. The rng blocks spit a number (or a vector of numbers) in sequence for each time step. The iterations inside the foreach block are not individual time steps -just the same time step iterating over each element in the vector signal.

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