How to create a scatter plot with multiple data

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nothing pops up when trying to create a scatter plot for the following data of Snow. I've attached the function of what I'm entering.
January: 8.48.
February 5.15
March 3.85
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Florian Rössing
Florian Rössing on 28 Nov 2022
Could you provide Data and Code to replicate the Problem?

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Karim on 28 Nov 2022
Hello, see below for a demonstation on how to make the scatter plot.
Note that it uses a 'crude' way to define the dates, probably you have more detailed information about the dates, it's better to use that. The main idea is to first define the dates as a string array. And the convert those strings into datetime's. Matlab is able to directly use datetimes in the figures.
Good luck!
% create a list of the months
Months = ["1" "2" "3"]; % make a string array of the months of intres (i.e. Jan, Feb and March)
Months = datetime(Months,'InputFormat','MM','Format','yyyy-MM') % convert to datetimes
Months = 1×3 datetime array
2022-01 2022-02 2022-03
% list the amount of snow per month
Snow = [8.84 5.15 3.85];
% create a scatter plot
grid on
% label the y-axis
% Set the ticks in the figure to month information
ax = gca;
ax.XTick = Months;


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