is there any way to train a model to learn a matrix and all variables in it then generate same matrix

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actually, my supervisor told me to find a way to computer learn the matrix which I created for my thesis and the computer can make the same matrix with the same attitude as my matrix
anyone know how can I do this? deep learning? neural network? is there anyway, can somebody give me that way!?
I made my matrix in python with sympy

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 30 Nov 2022
The answer is generally yes, it is possible to train so long as it is a non-singular (invertible) matrix.
First, generate the data based on your desired Attitude Representation and Transformation Matrices.
Next, follow the examples in this article: Deep Learning in MATLAB.
Then, either export the Deep Learning network to TensorFlow, or export the network to ONNX model format.




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