Extract Spring data from the revolut joint

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erwin ang
erwin ang on 30 Nov 2022
Commented: erwin ang on 13 Dec 2022
I would like to extract the data of the torsional spring within the revolut joint such as the force and torque created by the joint when it is moving.
I would also like to ask how to extract the value of angle degree moved by the joint?

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J Chen
J Chen on 6 Dec 2022
Expand the Sensing fiels and check the position. A port will appear to output the position. Use a PS-Siumulink Converter block if you want to view or record the position in a Simulink Scope.
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erwin ang
erwin ang on 13 Dec 2022
I built a single legged robot that jumps on a prismatic joint. The leg had spring stifffness in it. I applied torque actuation for it to jump. It did jump higher and higher. But in the sensing , there is only contraint torque , total torque and actuator torque. I wanted to obtain the torque value given by the spring stiffness. Since the leg did jump higher and higher, spring stiffnss definitely controbuted the torque for it to jump higher. But i can't seems to extract the spring torque data from the revolute joint.

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