can someone give me an example of what a "vector composed of characters" looks like exactly?

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title. just need an thorough example

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 4 Dec 2022
A = 'orange'
A = 'orange'
A is a vector of type char. It has 1 row and 6 columns.
If you're working with multiple pieces of text data and you're using a release where this data type is present, prefer using a string array instead of a cell array with char vectors or a char matrix.
B = ["orange"; "apple"; "watermelon"]
B = 3×1 string array
"orange" "apple" "watermelon"
If you tried to store these three fruits in a char matrix, the first two names would be padded with spaces so they're as long as the longest name. String arrays don't require this padding.
C = char(B)
C = 3×10 char array
'orange ' 'apple ' 'watermelon'


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