Combining different font styles while using latex interpretor

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Hi, I am preparing some figures for a journal paper. For this I need to combine two different font styles for my axis labels and legends. For the variables, I need math mode, but for the text I need to be out of math mode using the arial font. So how may I go about modofying the below font such that the math mode is retained while the text part reverts to a different font type, e.g. Arial ?
xlabel ('$u_y$, CES', 'Interpreter','latex') =
I want -> CES

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Dec 2022
Unfortunately, MATLAB does not permit including the amsfont package, or any other font package. The only font control you get with MATLAB's latex is things like \textrm
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Ashesh Sharma
Ashesh Sharma on 6 Dec 2022
Hi, thank you for clarifying that. None of rm, sf, or tt cut it for me. Python it is!

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