Unable to perform assignment because the indices on the left side are not compatible with the size of the right side.

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function T_w_bed_out = BedHex(T_bed, T_w_bed_in, m_dot_w_bed)
global U_bed A_bed
Cp_w_bed = 10^3*(-1.35090E-11*T_bed^5 + 2.40993E-08*T_bed^4 - 1.71323E-05*T_bed^3 + 6.07609E-03*T_bed^2 - 1.07591*T_bed + 8.02982E01)*1E-3;
T_w_bed_out = T_bed + (T_w_bed_in - T_bed)*exp((-U_bed*A_bed)/(m_dot_w_bed*Cp_w_bed));
So I have the above function to be called when I have to use it according to it's respective variable T_w_bedA_out or T_w_bedD_out, it seems to have the above error message as mentioned in the Summary. However, when I placed an arbituary constant eg. T_w_bedA_out = 140 (or T_w_bedD_out), the code works but it's not the desired outcome that I want.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused but I am new to MATLAB and need help in figuring out what is going on in the code. Thank you in advance!
I have used sz = size(T_w_bedA_out) to try to see where the problem is. When the function is called, I get sz = 0 0, and I get sz = 1 1 when the arbituary constant is used.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2022
one of the global variables is not initialized.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Dec 2022
Edited: Walter Roberson on 16 Dec 2022
You do not declare the variable as global inside mainprog . You have to declare as global in every function that wants to work with the variable.

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