How do you use the solve function in a mat lab GUI?

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A have made a GUI app in Matlab and I am trying to put in a solve function for two variables with two equatios but I am getting the error message that it does not recognize the function 'solve.'
Thi is my code for the button, that when clicked, calculates the time it takes:
system app.c
system app.t
Soln=solve(app.TargetH==-0.5*9.8*app.t^2+app.Velocity*sin(app.c)*app.t+app.RifleH, app.Distance==app.Velocity*cos(app.c)*app.t-(app.Coefficient*app.Air*app.Area*app.Velocity^2*app.t^2)/(2*app.Mass));
All preperties have been defined and I have tried putting the line
system c t
instead but then it wouldn't recognize the values c and t in the solve function.
If anyone knows how to make the solve funtion work or how to use a seperate method that would achieve the same goal I would apreicate any help.

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Dec 2022
Are you attempting to define app.c and app.t as symbolic variables using these lines?
system app.c
system app.t
That won't work; that calls the system function instead, and likely either throws an error (because there is no app command / executable for the operating system to run) or does something you probably don't expect.
Instead define symbolic variables and use them in your solve call:
c = sym('c');
t = sym('t');


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