Trying to use for loop for 2D cell array of {1X4}(1X11}

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for tr=2:ntr
Errorr: Error using cellfun
Input #3 expected to be a cell array, was double instead.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2022
cellfun() requires a function handle for the first parameter (with some obscure exceptions.)
cellfun() requires a cell array for its second parameter.
cellfun() can have trailing name, value pairs, such as 'UniformOutput', 0
Between the second parameter and the start of name/value pairs, there can be any number of additional cell arrays.
The parameters of a function are evaluated before the function is called. It is not immediately obvious what the datatype of RawEMG{1,4}{tr} is, but for the moment we can examine the call under the hypothesis that RawEMG{1,4}{tr} is a cell array.
The third parameter, cellfun(@mean,RawEMG{1,4}{tr}) must be evaluated in order to determine what value to pass as the third parameter to the outputer cellfun() call.
Again we do not know what datatype RawEMG{1,4}{tr} is but a second again we supposed it might be a cellfun, so let us continue with that idea. So suppose cellfun(@mean) is being called on a cell array. mean() applies to numeric values and returns a numeric value, and 'uniformoutput' was not specified, so that inner cellfun() is going to return a numeric array.
So now we have the outer cellfun() call with the parameters being a function handle, a (hypothetical) cell array... and a numeric array. But that is not permitted: all arrays passed must be cell arrays.
My guess is that what you want is
cellfun(@(C) C - mean(C), RawEMG{1,4}{tr}, 'uniform', 0)
Kiran Isapure
Kiran Isapure on 9 Dec 2022
I have a nested cell array pos{1X4} >> {6830X1}{6824X1}{6834X1}{6826X1}{6842X1}{6840X1}{6836X1}{6844X1}{6837X1}{6833X1}.

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