How to reduce decimal places displayed in symbolic matrix?

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Hi, I have a matrix which contains symbolic elements. I'd like to decrease decimal count display to enhance readability.
Here is my matrix. I just copied the output of an attempt, please ignore the vpa.
syms t Omega
eta(Omega) = [(vpa("8000.0")*cos(Omega*t + vpa("0.78539816339744830961566084581988"))*(vpa("26838195793182970854745861920038.0")*Omega^2 - vpa("2.4154462400944206989319304935157e+34")))/(vpa("4.153837486827862102824397063376e+34")*Omega^4 - vpa("3.7425286527196553136998040116897e+37")*Omega^2 + vpa("3.6554306435273366948203088051441e+37")); -(vpa("0.0152587890625")*cos(Omega*t + vpa("0.78539816339744830961566084581988"))*(vpa("9.7133610940578263277504767935649e+35")*Omega^2 - vpa("9.4976141444561753442642817416859e+35")))/(vpa("4.153837486827862102824397063376e+34")*Omega^4 - vpa("3.7425286527196553136998040116897e+37")*Omega^2 + vpa("3.6554306435273366948203088051441e+37"))]
format short
does NOT help. I believe it's because the matrix has symbolic elements.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Dec 2022
vpa(eta, DIGITS)
Note that exponents might not be affected in some cases
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Dec 2022
It looks to me as if at the time you create a symbolic function using the notation of symbolic subscript on the left-hand side, it looks at the current digits setting and locks that in to the function.
However, if the right hand side of the expression is a symbolic function and you do not use the symbolic variable subscript on the left hand side, it does not do that.
syms x
f(x) = sym('0.0000000000000022737367544302526432562150870628')*x
f(x) = 
g(x) = vpa(f,3)
g(x) = 
h = vpa(f,3)
h(x) = 
h(x) = vpa(f,3)
h(x) = 

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