Simulink Real Time Speedgoat and App Generator

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Hi there,
I am trying to build an user interface by starting with the App Generator. App Generator creates a basic app with all the components required to connect the generated app to the Speedgoat machine. When I try running the app from the Run button the Speedgoat machine cannot be found.
Actually I don't know how to provide the IP address ( if I have to) as I did in the Simulink real time explorer. If I connect the Speedgoat (target PC) to the Host Pc in Simulink Real Time Explorer it is works.
Any idea?
Thank you

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 9 Dec 2022
Hi Daniel,
You can insert a "Target Selector" UI component to your App Designer interface to select the target machine you'd like to connect to. By default, this component displays the list of all named target computers currently defined in Simulink Real-Time Explorer on the host computer.
You can also include the following code in the startup callback of your app:
% Create target object = slrealtime;
% Initialize target properties = '';
I hope this is helpful!
Daniel Vicca
Daniel Vicca on 9 Dec 2022
Dear Dimitri,
I added the call back function and I specified the ip address.
Now it works
% Create target object = slrealtime;
% Initialize target properties = '';
Thank you

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