how to plot a multidimensional matrix in matlab

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hello, i want to plot a multidimentional matrix in matlab i have
Tempearture : T wich is a 3D array T(: ,: ,k) matrix (p,p,p) size
x and y and z are the temperature position from 0 to p
i really need help

Answers (1)

Chetan Bhavsar
Chetan Bhavsar on 12 Dec 2022
% Create dummy temperature data with size p-by-p-by-p
p = 10;
T = rand(p,p,p);
% Create x, y, and z data for the temperature positions
x = linspace(0,p,p);
y = linspace(0,p,p);
z = linspace(0,p,p);
% Use the meshgrid function to create matrices of x, y, and z data
[X,Y,Z] = meshgrid(x,y,z);
% Use the slice function to plot the temperature data
% Add a title and axis labels to the plot
title('Temperature Data')
xlabel('x position')
ylabel('y position')
zlabel('z position')


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