How to convert data into a Rainflow histogram/table

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Let’s say that I have a column of 3600 different values i y axis. And 3600 seconds in x axis. These values in y axis are stresses applied to a material and they change in amplitud. How do I make a Rainflow chart and histogram?

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Chetan Bhavsar
Chetan Bhavsar on 12 Dec 2022
% Sample time-history data with 3600 values
data = rand(1,3600);
% Convert the raw data into rainflow cycles
[cycles,mn,mx] = rainflow(data);
% Plot the rainflow cycles
% Create a histogram of the data
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Erfan Parviz
Erfan Parviz on 28 Dec 2022
Thank you for your answer. Now I want to extract data from the histogram into a table. For example I want to show for a certain x value we have a certian y value etc. I would appreciate your help. :)

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