Help me, please. I want a matrix transform averaged and unique in specific col,

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I want first 1 and 2 columns unique and 3 coloum make average matrix.
for example
[1,2,11; 1,2,12; 1,2,13; 2,4,10; 2,4,12]
[1,2,12; 2,4,10]
How can I get that? I can do that very complex way but I think there is some smart way. Help me people

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 20 Oct 2011
A = [1,2,11; 1,2,12; 1,2,13; 2,4,10; 2,4,12];
[a,b,c] = unique(A(:,1:2),'rows');
out = [a cellfun(@mean,mat2cell(A(:,end),histc(c,1:max(c)),1))];

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Pramod Bhat
Pramod Bhat on 20 Oct 2011
may u please elaborate your question? im not getting ur problem...

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