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Add simscape blocks programmatically

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Grzegorz Diaczek
Grzegorz Diaczek on 20 Dec 2022
Commented: Grzegorz Diaczek on 20 Dec 2022
I tried to add a simscape block programmatically, using 'add_block()' function.
add_block('Simscape/Foundation Library/Electrical/Electrical Sources/Controlled Current Source',[gcb,'/Current Load'])
The following error occured:
There is no block named 'Simscape/Foundation Library/Electrical/Electrical Sources/Controlled Current Source'
I check if there is no mistake in path definition, also the simulink and simscape has been loaded using 'load_system()' function. Using simple command to built-in library works fine:
add_block('built-in/Gain',[gcb,'/Current Load'])
Thanks for help.

Answers (1)

C B on 20 Dec 2022
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Grzegorz Diaczek
Grzegorz Diaczek on 20 Dec 2022
Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, the output of gcb when block is right clicked in Library Browser is empty.

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