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Is there any way to save my processed Images into different folders?

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I applied pre processing filters on 4 different set of images each one contains 10 images, I want to save them in 4 different folders after processing

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Karim on 25 Dec 2022
Edited: Karim on 25 Dec 2022
Yes this is possible, below you can find some pseudo code showing the logic behind the process.
Hope it helps.
EDIT: updated the pseudo code after the comments of the OP
% create a list of the folders, note the " --> we want these to be strings
InputFolders = [ "C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\glioma\";
"C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\meningioma\";
"C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\notumor\";
"C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\pituitary\"];
OutputFolders = [ "C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\out_1\";
"C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\out_2\";
"C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\out_3\";
"C:\Users\96475\OneDrive\Desktop\new article\archive\Testing\out_4\"];
% loop over the folders
for f = 1:numel(InputFolders)
% do some processing
imagelist = dir( InputFolders(f) );
num = numel(imagelist);
imdata = cell(1,numel(imagelist));
% loop over the files in the folder
for k = 3:num
% get the image name
fname = imagelist(k).name;
% generate the full name to load the image
sss = InputFolders(f) + string(fname);
% load the image
curr_image = imread(sss);
% process the image
processed_image = imagepreprocessing(curr_image);
% loop over the output folders
for o = 1:numel(OutputFolders)
% generate the full name to save the image
ooo = OutputFolders(o) + string(fname)
% save the image
imwrite(image, ooo)
% increase the overal counter
count = count + 1;
Bajdar Nouredine
Bajdar Nouredine on 25 Dec 2022
@Karim I want to save imgpreprocessed{k-2} in different 4 folders just like input folders with different names

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