MPC output(mv) is zero

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Shivam Bajpai
Shivam Bajpai on 26 Dec 2022
Good evening, everyone,
I am currently working on the path following simulink model using MPC controller. The parameters are:
mo:3(current states-x,y, theta)
ref:3(reference states-x,y, theta)
mv:(linear velocity, angular velocity)
Simulink model is working without any error but the outputs(mv) from the MPC controller are zero only. I don't know why it is so. Kindly help me with it. I have applied constraints and designed the parameters. I have attached the picture of mymodel below.
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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
I suspect the optimization is not converging. Can you check what the optimization status is? You can enable this port directly from the MPC block

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