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exportNetw​orkToTenso​rFlow is not recognized as a function, despite addon is installed

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I'm trying to export pre-trained neural network to TensorFlow format for implementation in python. However the command
Is not recognized it gives me
Unrecognized function or variable 'exportNetworkToTensorFlow'.
The Deep Learning Toolbox Converter for TensorFlow Models is installed. I've tried reinstalling add-on, updating Matlab, also tried under older release (R2021a), still it does not works. It looks like exportNetworkToTensorFlow is no longer correct command, it must be changed but the docs says nothing about it. Can you help me?

Accepted Answer

David Willingham
David Willingham on 3 Jan 2023
Hi Karol,
exportNetworkToTensorFlow came out in R2022b. Was this the release you tried it in originally? If so, maybe the preference directory needs to be refreshed. To do this follow this answers post:
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Karol P.
Karol P. on 3 Jan 2023
Edited: Karol P. on 3 Jan 2023
As in the question detalis, I tried under R2022a, and also R2021a. If exportNetworkToTensorFlow is compatible only with 2022b and higher, why on the Exchange page it is claimed to be compatible with R2017b and higher?
Edit: I tested it with 2022b and indeed the command is recognized, but seems to be not compatible with fitnet object for some reason. But this is different story, so I mark it as solved.

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