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How to create an ANN regression model with multiple vectors as input and multiple vectors as output?

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There is one input variable and one output variable.
However each data point of the input/output variable is a vector.
Size of each input vector is 141X1 and size of each output vector is 400X1.
I have attached the input data file(Ivec.xls) and output data file(Ovec.xls)
For training:
Input vectors: Ivec(:,1:9) and output vectors: Ovec(:,1:9)
For testing:
Input vector: Ivec(:,10) and the predicted_Ovec10 can be compared with Ovec(:,10)
to know the performance of the model.
How to create this ANN regression model? Please help.

Answers (1)

Nihal Reddy
Nihal Reddy on 14 Feb 2023
I understand you want to create an ANN regression model where each input and output is a vector. You can achieve this using the "fitrnet" function which takes input and output in form of a vector.
Refer to the following documentation links for more information and examples-
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Josh on 11 Mar 2023
Edited: Josh on 11 Mar 2023
@Nihal Reddy Thanks for the reply and my apologies for the delay in reply because of some issues. I am finding it bit confusing while using vector of vectors as input and vector of vectors as output. May you help with an example. Please help.

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