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How can I replace the value of an outlier rather than delete it?
I understand you want to eliminate the outliers from a gaussian feature of the data set. Fetal_table(vec_out,:) = []; In t...

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Select ROI (Region Of Interest) from a video, and extracting rgb values
I understand you want to first select the Region of Interest(ROI) from a video and then extract RGB values from the selected ROI...

2 months ago | 0

How to indicate p < 0.05 interval in a line graph?
From my understanding you want to plot a graph like the one in the image shared. For plotting graphs which fill the areas betwee...

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Having trouble with Gunzip function in Matlab
From my understanding you are facing problem in unzipping a .gz file with environmental data in MATLAB R2022a. The input to the ...

3 months ago | 0

how to optimize a loop
Hey Amina, From my understanding, you want a replacement or alternative for “for” loop. In some of the cases, you can vectoriz...

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