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How to detect cricket wide ball in video using Matlab .

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If we have a cricket video and we want to detect wide ball in that video, what should be step by step "procedure" and "code".

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
It is not simple to offer any help here. Any image processing or video processing depends totally on the images or videos, which you have not provided.
Furthermore, help is offered to people who attempt something and then have problems or get stuck. Here you are asking someone to solve your task, and you will not be getting much help like that. Try to ask specific questions about specific data.
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Awais Qarni
Awais Qarni on 3 Jan 2023
Consider I have a short video (any type,suitable) of cricket match in which bowler is bowling .how I can detect weather the ball is wide or not .Need guidance.

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