Plot question as values for both axis are different

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x axis from this picture should be on the y axis on the new graph
Viswajit Talluru
Viswajit Talluru on 16 Jan 2023
These are the two plots I would like to plot both x axis onto one graph. as both the bpoints do no math how do I plot?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Jan 2023
Do you mean you just want to place two plot on the same axes? Then you use hold
hold on
plot([2 3 5],[7 11 13])
plot([2 3 5],[29 31 37])
If you need different y axes for the two plots, you can use yyaxis.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Jan 2023
I really don't understand what you mean. Sorry.
Here are three things you can do, that might help:
  • Upload your data. You can use the paper clip icon in the INSERT section of the toolbar.
  • Making a drawing by hand of what you want the plot to look, take a picture, and upload the image.
  • Go to the MATLAB Plot Gallery, and see if any of the plots there are similar to the style of plot you want to make. You can get code there and adapt it to what you need.

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