Is it possible to access/use sldd data within a stateflow without using a mask?

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Hey folks,
is it possible to access/use sldd data within a state chart without using a mask?
Thanks in advance.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 19 Jan 2023
Once the SLDD is specified for the model, its data can be used by the whole model. What is the issue?
In Stateflow, add a parameter, specify it as "inherit from Simulink".
youjarr on 19 Jan 2023
First of all it is working like you said. Thank you very much.
But no, in R2022b the auto completion is not available.
A auto completion would be nice, because this would give some kind of a feedback that the variable was found within the simulink without wating for the "update model".

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