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App Designer: Multiwindow Apps Issue

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Desmond Harris
Desmond Harris on 19 Jan 2023
Answered: Kevin Holly on 20 Jan 2023
After reading the above link on creating multwindow apps in App Designer, I am having issues moving "forward" and "backwards" through apps, meaning as I proceed to the next app, I am having issues going back to the previous and enabling certain buttons. Specifically, coding this line does not work between 2 windows...
app.CallingApp.OptionsButton.Enable = "on";
I am wondering what is the best approach to jumping between 3 or more apps. If I take the approach shown in the example, I get blocked by my startup function.
Main App--> 2nd app--> 3rd app
3rd App --> 2nd App (enable button)--> Main app

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 20 Jan 2023
Instead of deleting an app, I just make the uifigure invisible, so that I can keep each app's property variables.
You can download this multiwindow app I created on File Exchange linked below, if you want to see my approach.


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